Child Friendly Modalities

We are well equipped to help your children with child-friendly modalities. These modalities are special treatment methods that reduce the fear and stress of a difficult situation. Here are a few of the modalities that we use.
Child Mask

Nitrous Oxide

This is the gas often used at the dentist’s office. We find it helpful to use in some situations to calm a child. It is safe, painless and best of all, calming.



Buzzy is a unique devise that “tricks” the nervous system with a combination of ice and vibration. If your child needs a shot, they will most likely not even feel it with Buzzy.

J tip


The J-Tip is a needle free injection system that uses CO2 gas to create a very thin stream of liquid anesthesia that passes through the skin. It’s a child friendly way to give a shot without a needle.

Child playing bubbles

Distraction Toys

We use a variety of distraction toys like pinwheels and activities like blowing bubbles to distract children from the scary stuff. Who knows, when you come in, your kid may also see our hedgehog!

Close Up of mother holding newborn baby

Positioning Techniques

One of the amazingly effective ways to treat children who are scared is with strategic positioning techniques. It may seem simple, but the way you hold your child when getting treatment makes a huge difference. We’ll show you how!

Child with Ipad

Technology Distractions

For older children, technology can be a great distraction to help calm nerves and relieve anxiety. In every room, we have TVs, movies and an iPad stand specifically designed for children to view during procedures.

Girl with Chickenpox Antiseptic Cream Applied

Sprays, Creams and the Like

Whenever possible we use methods other than needle injections, like intranasal medication, to medicate. We use numbing creams and gels, cooling sprays that are helpful in several procedures and we even have a special glue we use for cuts and lacerations.

We LOVE caring for children!  Our investment in these modalities coupled with our training in caring for children make us the place of choice for urgent care services. Come down to see us or reserve your place in line. We’ll take great care of your child!
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