Frequently Asked Questions

Billing FAQ

Yes, we do. If the visit is URGENT, such as a possible broken bone, laceration, head injury, difficulty breathing, or allergic reaction, no referral is needed. If the visit is non-urgent, such as ear infection, sore throat, low-grade fever, etc., we are required to obtain a referral from your Primary Care Provider, during their regular hours of operation. No referral is needed if the visit takes place when your Primary Care Physician’s office is closed. (lunch hour, nights, weekends, & holidays)

The cost of the visit will vary widely depending on your insurance provider, plan, & deductible. Once a visit is complete, a summary of the visit will be sent to your insurance provider. Your insurance provider will then review the claim, and determine the value of the visit based on their contract with Just 4 Kids Urgent Care.

We do offer affordable self-pay rates that vary with the testing & procedures required. Please call for specific rates. Self-pay rates are generally less than insurance rates when your deductible has not been met.

As a service to our patients, we will gladly bill any insurance provider. Currently, we are contracted (in-network) with: Please contact your insurance provider directly for specific questions related to your coverage, deductible, & plan.
No, we do not. If you opt to take advantage of our pre-authorization program, then your card information is kept with our billing office, until the amount is charged to the card, then it is removed from the account. We do not ever have access to your card information here in our office.
No. We will gladly bill your out-of-state Medicaid, but our experience has been that they generally do not cover out-of-state visits. We suggest contacting them directly to confirm your coverage. We do offer affordable self-pay rates as another option.