What is 4Kids Club? Are you burdened by the cost of insurance, out-of-pocket expense, high deductibles, and co-pays? We get it. That is why we are offering an alternative option to pay for healthcare. 4Kids Club is an affordable way to access after-hours pediatric care at a discounted, flat rate without any surprises. There is a small annual membership fee per patient without any monthly obligation. Membership gives you access to the same quality care from an experienced pediatric team but with significant savings. Each visit is broken into two categories and makes it easy to know what your cost is right away. These visits are categorized as Standard Services and Advanced Services. Through the membership, ALL visits will fall under one of the two types, making it completely transparent what your cost will be. You pay only when your child needs us.
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Annual Membership $125

Standard Services • $75/Visit

Advanced Services • $175/Visit

How do you know if membership is right for you?

There are several reasons why the 4Kids Club might be the best option.

  • The 4Kids Club is not an insurance plan. However, if you currently have insurance, you can still be a member. If you have a high deductible insurance plan that you have reserved for catastrophic coverage, you may want to consider membership. At each visit you can decide whether to use your membership discount or to bill insurance (it is one or the other).
  • If you are under-insured or have no insurance, the membership guarantees healthcare without the worry of additional charges, or non-covered services by insurance. Although we do offer competitive self-pay rates for services, the member ship offers even better rates.
  • If you have a Health Savings Account, or you are in-between jobs and utilizing COBRA, the 4Kids Club membership is a great way to save on healthcare expenses. Come in today or call to sign up.

Frequently Asked Questions

4Kids Club membership offers discounted flat-rates for healthcare. After the annual membership fee of $125 is collected, a patient can be seen by board certified providers for a flat rate of $75 for a standard visit or $175 for an advanced visit that requires a procedure like stitches, IV fluids, or toenail removal, etc. The 4Kids Club membership does not meet the minimum coverage requirement of the Affordable Care Act, therefore it is not an insurance plan.

With the 4Kids Club membership, a visit falls under one of two flat-rate categories. The visit will either be $75 for a standard visit or $175 for an advanced visit that requires a procedure.

Membership does not cover the use of nitrous oxide, some send-out laboratory studies, or prescription medications dispensed for home use. See membership plans above.

Membership is valid at any Just 4 Kids Urgent Care location.

Members will be included in special promotions and member-only giveaways and will receive notice of these events.

A member who chooses to use their 4Kids Club benefit cannot have those services billed to insurance. If a 4Kids Club member decides to opt out of their membership and have their services billed through insurance, they can sign a waiver for their membership at that time. If services are billed through insurance, depending on the insurance plan, there may be remaining balance left to patient responsibility. The membership cannot be applied retroactively to any services that have been billed through insurance.

Please visit or call any Just 4 Kids Urgent Care location to enroll.

Depending on the type of insurance plan, some plans have high deductibles or large co-pays. Members will enjoy a flat rate for either a standard or advanced visit and will avoid copays or unexpected charges that can occur with commercial insurance.

At any time, you can choose to not use your membership benefit. However, a membership refund, full or prorated, cannot be issued for any reason. Please call to see if an extenuating circumstance may qualify for a credit.

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